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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It came to me several weeks ago that not everyone believes some of the basics that I have taken for granted.  One of these things is the importance of health and considering taking multiple vitamins to enhance your health.  As I am getting back into the swing with a busy, active baby, I have been working to improve my nutrition lifestyle. In prayer as I am writing this for guidance, I was surprised to hear from various acquaintances and friends that do not regularly take any sort of vitamins, not even vitamin C.

Having a Mom who has been a naturopathic/herbalist for over 30 years, she instilled in us (okay, made us) take our chewable vitamins all throughout our youth. Mommy (yes, I call her Mommy) could not afford to have us stay at home sick from school.  My brother can attest that we were rarely sick, Praise God. Was it because of the vitamins? I believe yes.

During my pregnancy, and being *ahem a bit oh-el-dee-ee-are, I tried various pre-natal vitamins to help maintain my energy ALONG with working on my nutrition in my foods.

Here are some wonderful discoveries I made during that time.  I am NOT an expert, just a person who like you wants to get honest input that could help. In this world of information, who knows what is real and what is not. Be mindful of the vitamins you take, as some use synthetic forms of the vitamin that can affect you negatively.

I am praying that these ideas are of help to you, in Jesus name.  – Yorrelle

Here are my likes right now (not using any affiliations)

  • Living Fuel – this Christian-based company has a wonderful story and their products are premium
  • Moringa – natures natural vitamin, my Mommy told me of this YEARS ago and I did not remember until I was pregnant. It bumped up my energy and helped alot. I took this along with my prenatals.
  • Prenatals – New Chapter, MyKind,  any MegaFood products (my favorite one!!)
  • Barley Juice Powder – Calcium. Calcium, Calcium!!
  • Cod Liver Oil – I just ordered a bottle for Baby and I.