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Dear Friend, 

I started this blog as I have put being one of the most interesting careers I ever had—Mommy to the forefront.

I want more kids, I want to improve my character, think better, be better. Love God more. Love people more. Love on you more. Create more. See more. Do more. Because of my child. 

Interesting how that works. As I now have less time and can see myself—Glory to God—doing all what envision. What are you envisioning?

I have been writing songs for awhile, yet I am not ready to go to the studio just yet. I am thinking early summer. This new voice that I found, is a whole other voice that I have been wanting to express. To share my latest understandings about using an instant pot or discovery on the benefits of fermented foods (not the trendy stuff either). (As for my instant pot, which my Mom talked about years ago! I did some preplanning and the chicken and rice soup I made came out pretty tasty, but yes the rice was mushy, lol). And I don’t have glam pics yet for my food… I thought about how can I express myself yet not through social media? 

A blog somehow feels more warm and cozy like a good bowl of stew. Or a kiss from my Honey.

I just wanted to share, for those less than awesome cooks who get it just right, that getting out there is better than doing nothing.

Sharing my experiences with you as you are family—I hope my words inspire and uplift you. 

It would be great to cram in all the things I want to say to you. But most importantly, if you are here I have prayed for you. Yes, I really am that mushy. 

God bless you,





Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Author

I am a Christian, a Wife, a Mom. I am also an American singer/songwriter, an author, a philosopher who is here to provide music that stirs your heart and soul so that you will come away full of inner peace and joy (from great music!). This has been a great journey for this country girl, who was born and raised in Augusta, Ga.