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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]”Putting others’ interests first and continually adding value to their lives—ultimately leads to unexpected returns.”

The book is about “Joe [who] is a true go-getter, though sometimes he feels as if the harder and faster he works, the further away his goals seem to be. And so one day, desperate to land a key sale at the end of a bad quarter, he seeks advice from the enigmatic Pindar, a legendary consultant referred to by his many devotees simply as the Chairman.

Over the next week, Pindar introduces Joe to a series of “go-givers:” a restaurateur, a CEO, a financial adviser, a real estate broker, and the “Connector,” who brought them all together. Pindar’s friends share with Joe the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and teach him how to open himself up to the power of giving.”


Why should you read the Go-Giver? Hmm, all I know is that we are in a time where great customer service with genuine humanity can be a rarity. There are people who are hurting, really hurting, and maybe just maybe, your sincere warmth and kindness will be the turning point that someone needs. Why not you?? Yes, it can be hard to genuinely love on someone who may or may not be lovable, but the freedom it provides is truly extraordinary.

Case in point. So. My car needed a bit of repair. (I promise there is a point to this story.) And like you and most people these days, I googled online for an auto repair service and went with the first place with the best reviews. There I found (with 127 positive reviews and counting!), Columbia Auto Collision, Columbia, MD.  I was still apprehensive though because, well it can be hard to trust just anyone without a friend’s reference. With that in mind, I went in with low (very low) expectations.  However, I did not need to. The owner, Eddie, was a delight to talk to, quickly assessed the situation and quickly fixed my little fifteen year old Acura. This man, who happily talked about his family, his wife of over 40 years, and his love for his business, made a exuberant impression. But what really stood out was that he truly seemed to care about me as a customer.  Shoot, why did I even remember his name..?? Well, for one I enjoy (now) learning about people, but two because he really had excellent customer service skills and was that personable.

Allow me to also share that I had already bought into this premise and lifestyle by way of Dani Johnson.  The Go Giver sums up some of her teachings very nicely and adds additional perspective.

OK, so back to why this book is such a big deal. Well…for me, I have always worried about my music, my career, and being a success. Getting caught up in proving myself and somehow proving to others that I was more than what I assumed people thought of me (check out my Dad’s favorite definition for assumed) really put me in bondage. Yet, what I have learned again and again in using the principles listed in the book and other understandings, is that no one really cares about me, lol. Or what I am doing. And I LOVE that. The big question is “How can I help?”

Please say this like Oprah would: Freedommm!!!!!

At the end of the day, if you put the focus on the other person and concern yourself with helping, you can relax and be yourself.


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