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It is interesting today that everyone is considered an expert. We have a culture where you can youtube anything and get someone’s opinion on how something should be done and the steps to do it. This is a wonderful and extraordinary thing because information is readily available. I believe this book is for the person that has fallen through the cracks who has not heard the “how” and that life truly is very much a possibility for them.
Burn the Business Plan is for you the unconventional, the nonconformist, the pioneer who like me, sees thing in a brilliant shade of rose. Not because you are a pollyanna, but because you know there has to be something better.

Sitting in a lunch meeting, it struck me that I was a bit sad. A small sense of melancholy had begun to seep yet again into my heart, yet I said a silent prayer to the Creator and felt encouraged.

It is funny how goodness can fall into your lap if you allow it. There has been many blessings that have fallen into my lap recently following a bit of discouragement.

I am learning and will continue to be a student. Take heart my friend. This is an ongoing race and one that you can decide to continuously win and again step up and win. No matter whether you are a Millennial or a Baby Boomer. Again take heart my friend.

This particular blessing that fell upon me was a book “given” to by one of the contributors of the book. The book is called Burn the Business Plan by Carl K. Schramm and it provides a realistic and practical look at business—examining commonly held beliefs that may have been a burden to you who have not (yet) fulfilled your goals. I will not go into too much detail as the statistics he provides should be read by you for yourself. I will say that Mr. Schramm, having run the Kaufmann foundation for 10 years and being a successful entrepreneur in his own right,  has worked with and interviewed  many entrepreneurs to find out the real story of start up and their successes. It is very different from what you may think.

No, this is not for affiliate sales…just from one reader to another! God bless :