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You can do it.

Following the watching the documentary The Business of Being Born (Praise God for Netflix! and Ricki Lake!), an insightful documentary about natural childbirth and midwifery, I knew I wanted to experience a natural childbirth. The whole thing never dawned on me that I could even have a home birth (yes, I did not consider it) and being fully involved in the process too– I had options! Not only that, but that birth could be such a beautiful sacred experience than what we were being told in traditional healthcare.

This post is not intended to put down any other birth experience, I just want to continue to add a spotlight to having a home birth and midwifery. I’ll admit as I have learned more about myself I have found that I have gotten more and more adamant about taking control of my health and in wanting to be as close to nature (meaning our Creator) had intended things. I believe the Lord led me to that documentary and it spurred me on in researching for my home birth.

When planning a homebirth, here are some things I encountered that you may want to be cognizant of:

  1. Find the right midwife. I personally had an awesome midwife Sarah Branson (for those in the Maryland – DC- Virginia area) that was thoroughly involved in educating me on the process of giving birth at home and was very positive.
  2. Have a birth plan and continue to share with midwife. Everyone says have a plan for EVERYTHING and it is true.  The pregnancy was a very positive experience where I was able to discuss regularly with my midwife how I was feeling and what I was experiencing during each trimester.  She also had recommendations as we prepared for labor that made preparing more of something I was in control of, not just a participant.
  3. Be ready for what happens next. I think for me having a home birth, I was not aware of all the tests required and well, what to do next. Sarah had a checklist of the after birth plan, yet I still was a deer in the headlights (but it is OK). And the midwife has the ability to do so much and checked in multiple times after the birth!
  4.  To circumcise or not to circumcise. If you have a boy, like I did, you will need to decide if you having a circumcision for your son. If you are in the DC/MD area, Rabbi Avraham Rappaport did the deed and was so efficient and quick, such as it is. I was so nervous and you want it done right!!! My little one barely whimpered. How about that for circumcision.
  5. Talk to other new moms, but follow your own narrative. People can place their story on you, yet you don’t have to accept it. Having a home birth right now can seem a bit out there and you want to stay as optimistic as possible.
  6. Believe for a joyful delivery. Mines was painful (I wish I WAS one of the unicorns!), but I am thankful to say I felt safe and confident the whole time in my

    care providers. I talked to one coworkers wife who gave me the awesome advice of creating a mood for my birth. My birth experience was quiet and intimate.

  7. Find and research for an excellent lactation consultant. So I was probably the only person who did not know it was a thing despite being given advice otherwise. All I can say in a positive way is ensure you find one who is good. Seriously, find one that is good.
  8. For breastfeeding and food scheduling check out
    1. Kellymom
    2. Mom365
    3. Incredibleinfant
    4. Dr. Mercola

Happy Pregnancy and beyond!