Yorrelle Premieres Elijah Rock

Yorrelle Premieres Elijah Rock


Yorrelle Shares Her Version of “Elijah Rock” music video!

Yorrelle shares her enlivening version of Elijah Rock, produced by Jim Ebert from Cue Recording Studio. Additional vocals by Eric Scott. Check out the premiere of Yorrelle’s video now on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYgvVshSJGI    Share your support for Yorrelle’s latest release The Mood Ring.

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Natural Hair and the Water Only Method

Being a natural haired beautiful woman I love testing out different products and methods for growth.

It took me long time to make the decision and now that I am, the process has been enlightening ( loving myself more, changing my health and fitness goals, and personal development). Have hair goals? Check out two of my fave go to naturals who have been the fellow sheroes in my hair growth journey: https://www.youtube.com/user/Naptural85 or https://www.youtube.com/user/kimmaytube

My hair is a 4c, very beautiful with tiny cute delicate curls.  Going forward into year 4, I am observing a transition with dramatic growth and with that, tinier more wound curls! The question came as to is  it possible to loosen the curl pattern safely without chemicals? Yes, I have heard of the baking soda and vinegar oil method, yet also the dangers of long term use.

And guess what? I make my own recipes for leave in condition. I am fortunate to say my hair is continuing to grow stronger and more beautiful day by day. So what is up with the smaller curls on the ends?

Well after a bit of research I decided to try another method…water only. Yes, water only.

Following a deep cleansing with one of my fave cowash concoctions, I began the start of washing with only water since.  I take a shower with soap yes! followed by a thorough water rinsing for my hair.  What I noticed immediately was the lengthening of my curl patter following the use of more water.

What do you think??



Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Author

I am a Christian, a Wife, a Mom. I am also an American singer/songwriter, an author, a philosopher who is here to provide music that stirs your heart and soul so that you will come away full of inner peace and joy (from great music!). This has been a great journey for this country girl, who was born and raised in Augusta, Ga.