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10 Inexpensive Toys for Your Little Toddler Boy

My little guy is such a blessing and as I am learning how to maneuver in this Mom world, I am finding that I am usually researching how to do this or that for my growing family. The Lord is such a great God that I want to share as well. One major thing I am learning is to humbly ask advice. People love to share information, which saves time and confusion, so I figured I would share a bit with you the new mom. God Bless,  – Yorrelle

Here is a list of cool, powerful, fun toys that also is cheapish and mom-approved by a real mom.

1. The Little Blue Truck series. The Little Blue Truck and the other books The Little Blue Truck Leads the Way and The Little Blue Truck Spring Time are a few of my favorite books that my little one also really enjoys. He would ask me to read these books to him every night. The book has uplifting undertones that is inspiring at any age. Get these classic books and watch your son enjoy reading!
2. Doug and Melissa puzzles have been a great blessing for us in that our son plays with his puzzles all the time.  The 1-20 is great –just don’t have to use the sounds or you may hear with the sounds
3. Little Hot Wheels of course
4. “Colors!” What my son refers to when he wants to play with the Dollar Tree dry eraser board that we paid $1 for at the Dollar Tree. The little eraser boards are easy to use and a cheap toy for a two and a half year old who wants to scribble.
5. Fun Balls from Dollar Tree. My little guy loves to bounce the various-sized bouncing balls that they have at the do
6. “Tricycle!”
7. Bath Time Toys
8. Flash cards
9. Truck with shapes inside
10. First Garden




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