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I am a Christian, a Wife, a Mom. I am also an American singer/songwriter, an author, a philosopher who is here to provide music that stirs your heart and soul so that you will come away full of inner peace and joy (from great music!). This has been a great journey for this country girl, who was born and raised in Augusta, Ga.
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American Singer/Songwriter Yorrelle sings a song called Heaven written and produced by Yorrelle and Chris Valentine about faith, hope, and love. If you need to be uplifted, listen to this song.
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Hot Chocolate and a Good Book – The Go-Giver

Fear of rejection and worry used to prevent me from truly expressing myself. We, I believe, are born for greatness and part of that greatness is freely giving of ourselves to others.

Hot Chocolate and a Good Book – Burn the Business Plan

It is interesting today that everyone is considered an expert. We have a culture where you can youtube anything and get someone's opinion on how something should be done and the steps to do it. This is a wonderful and extraordinary thing because...

Hot Chocolate and a Book – How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book can be read again and again. And again. You hear people that are familiar with top motivational and success genre books saying, "Oh I have read that already!" From my perspective, we can stand to pick it up every so often and read some of...